about me

In the year 1967 I was born east of Hamburg and grew up in this area. I finshed my first school there with a realy bad Certificate of Secondary Education, in German "Realschule". My first jobs were in the foto trade . From this time I saved the pleasure of desining graphics (as you can see). Then I ( it is called "learned" in Germany, besides working in the company I had to go to a spezial "job-school") learned car-mechanic.I made the school so very well that I decided to go to night-school.

In December 1998 I made my A-level (highschool), called "Abitur" on night-school . I was studying computer sciences and political science at the University of Hamburg but stopped it. I live in Hamburg working as call-center-agent and photographer. You find to most things I told you on this page links ( guess on what page :-) ).